Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Review

Voted to our Top 10 Racing Drones AND our Top 10 Camera Drones, the most recent Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition assortment offers enthusiasts fantastic value with its versatility to excel in multiple tasks and environments.  The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition comes in your choice of 3 classic camouflaged designs: sand, snow or jungle. Inspired by desert, arctic and rain forest landscapes. Each individual product is equipped attractively packaged in its own specially designed printed carton with a particular indoor and out of doors hull, plus one pair of black propellers and another customized pair of propellers to compliment the color theme. The exclusive Elite Edition packaging includes one 1000mAh lithium polymer battery to supply up to 12 minutes of flying time, plus a convenient battery charger with international adapters. Featuring a high definition camera with a video recording facility, and flight data sharing, a patented piloting mode, and an innovative pressure sensor for increased stability at any altitude, Parrot’s amazing AR. Drone 2.0 Elite Edition quadricopter will even perform four axis flips on command.

This HD camera-equipped, smartphone and tablet-controlled quadricopter is priced for budget testing if you would like to pay some money on a fun gadget but don’t simply want to break the bank for the newest camera drone.

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is one among the best Wi-Fi controlled quadcopters available. The reality that you can fly it via a smartphone or tablet makes it a very attractive option compared to similarly priced models on the market. What I love most about this model is that it’s incredibly versatile- you’ll perform tricks and stunts at the push of a button, in addition to maintain a level hover for capturing lovely aerial footage. To top it all off, the drone’s HD 720p camera can permit you to capture all the fun and store it directly to your mobile device. In this Parrot AR Drone 2.0 review, we’re going to dive deeper and show you everything it has to offer.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0


HD 720p Camera

The AR. Drone 2.0 is provided with a high definition front camera that can let the pilot view specifically what the AR. Drone 2.0 sees, just as if they were in the pilot seat. Download the free AR. FreeFlight application (offered on the App Store and Google play) and take management of the AR. Drone 2.0 in just seconds. The user-friendly management interface can appear over the video feedback streamed straight from the AR. Drone 2.0 with no latency, thanks to its self-generated Wi-Fi network. The automatic stabilization system of the AR. Drone two.0 can guarantee an image of top of the range indoors, or outdoors even in light-weight wind conditions. Whether using a smartphone or a tablet, the pilot can see a clean, crystal clear image straight from the sky.

Device Direct Recording

FreeFlight lets the pilot record video and pictures whereas flying the AR. Drone 2.0. Merely press the record button to start out and finish the recording, and use the dedicated photo/video section of the application to look at what you have shot immediately after you have landed. No cables, SD card or PC required. Everything has already been pre-programmed in your smartphone/tablet, thus that may watch your performance instantly.

Up & Away…and All Points In Between!

The AR. Drone offers unique stability, thanks to its embedded sensors and navigation system. Any movement not solicited by the pilot can be automatically corrected by the AR. Drone two.0 to keep up a superbly still position within the air, whereas you’re not controlling it. Push it, fly it in windy conditions (up to 15 m/h), and it will not move an in. until you opt to create it move. Due to its new pressure sensors, the AR. Drone two.0 can offer this automatic stability even further, by making certain it remains stable no matter the altitude.

Absolute Control Piloting Mode

A complete new and exclusive piloting mode, patented by Parrot for the AR. Drone 2.0. The Absolute Management piloting mode makes life a lot of easier for beginners, by solely using your device position as a point of reference. The result is straightforward, irrespective of that direction the front of the AR. Drone 2. zero is facing, you simply need to tilt your smartphone in any direction to determine the AR. Drone 2.0 fly towards it. A beginner will now become an professional pilot in an exceedingly matter of minutes. Furthermore the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 utilizes a special pre-programmed manuever called “The Flip.” Press a button to perform a spectacular forward or backward flip, or barrel roll as you’re flying. The embedded navigation system of the AR. Drone 2.0 will automatically recover, enabling any new pilot to fancy this move.